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Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Oct. - Dec. 2013)  [IJARCST] .........

S.No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1. Organisational, Technological and Governance Factors Influencing T-government

Sameer Alshetewi, Dr Robert Goodwin, Dr Denise de Vries
IJARCST-11-2013-01 7-14
2. Process Capability Analysis as a Means of Decision Making in Manufacturing Company

Adeoye Akeem.O., Adedoyin,Salami.I., Alawaye Anthonia.I.
IJARCST-11-2013-02 15-18
3. Application of Linear Programming in Block Industry Using Two Phase Method

Adeoye Akeem.O., Alao Nurudeen.A., Mashood Ayinla.R.
IJARCST-11-2013-03 19-22
4. Trend Analysis on the Price Stability of Galvanized Iron Sheet

Ojo Oluwafemi .D., Adeoye Akeem .O., Jimoh Bilikis .T.
IJARCST-11-2013-04 23-26
5. Design and Analysis of E Shape Defected Ground Antenna Using Matlab

Satyaprakash Tignath, Laxmi Shrivastava
IJARCST-11-2013-05 27-29
6. Security Issues in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Routing Protocols

S.Venkata Lakshmi, D. Kusumalatha
IJARCST-11-2013-06 30-34
7. Comparative Analysis of PI & Fuzzy Based Cntroller For Load Frequency Control of Thermal-Thermal & Thermal: Hydro System

Ratnesh Chaturvedi, Dr. Bharti Dwivedi
IJARCST-11-2013-07 35-38
8. Rectangular Microstrip Dual Patch Antenna to Enhance Bandwidth at 2.4 GHz for WLAN Applications

Dharmendra Rishishwar, Laxmi Shrivastav
IJARCST-11-2013-08 39-41
9. On Nonbondage Numbers of a Graph

V.R. Kulli
IJARCST-11-2013-09 42-45
10. Big Data is Big Business: Big Data is Big Money

Sumit Goyal
IJARCST-11-2013-10 46-47
11. Dual-band Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Frequency Selective Surface for Satellite Communication Systems in S Band

Dharmendra Rishishwar, Laxmi Shrivastava
IJARCST-11-2013-11 48-51
12. Feeder Renovation in Electric Power System for Reduction of Transmission and Distribution Losses

Sandhya Gour, Dr. Bharti Dwivedi
IJARCST-11-2013-12 52-55
13. Internalization of Dynamic Slicing in Delegate Multicast Events for E-tracking Systems in C#

Divanshi Priyadarshni Wangoo
IJARCST-11-2013-13 56-59
14. Contrast Improvement on Various Gray Scale Images Together With Gaussian Filter and Histogram Equalization

M. Rajinikannan, A. Nagarajan, N. Vallileka
IJARCST-11-2013-14 60-64
15. Using Cloud Computing in E-learning Systems

Faten Karim, Dr. Robert Goodwin
IJARCST-11-2013-15 65-69
16. A Novel Patch Priority Estimate Method for Natural Scene Image Completion

R.Muthu Meenakshi, N. Vallileka
IJARCST-11-2013-16 70-72
17. Semantic Web Service Composition with Quality of Service

Adepu Sridhar, S Shiva Prasad, Mahesh Ubale
IJARCST-11-2013-17 73-81
18. Multiage Entropy Astuteness of Therapeutic Laser Stipple Divergence Metaphors

C. Bala Saravanan, D.S.Deva Kiruba Dafi, J.Sandhiya,E.Venitha
IJARCST-11-2013-18 82-84
19. Rotation Invariant Template Matching Technique for Object Segmentation in an Image

Manjula B.K, Neelambike S, Sapana S.M, Sandeep G S
IJARCST-11-2013-19 85-87
20. A Comparative Framework of Wireless Video Transmission and Correction Techniques

C.Devipriya, M. Sangeetha Priya, Dr. N.SaravanaSelvam
IJARCST-11-2013-20 88-93

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