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1. Last Date of Paper Submission is 15th June 2017.    2. Call for Papers Publishing in IJARCST Vol. 5 Issue 2, (April to June 2017). (Best Quality with Normal Charges and Great Communications).    3. Author Get 15% Discount in our Publication if they Publish upto 10 Papers

Vol. 5 Issue 2, (April to June 2017) is Online now

Vol. 5 Issue 2 (April - June 2017)  [IJARCST] .........


Research Topic

Paper ID

Page No.
1. Image Contrast Enhancement Using Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform via Wrapping (FDCT-Wrap)
Abdullah M. Hammouche,Reham R. Mostafa, Hazem M. El-Bakry
IJARCST-52-2017-211 10-16
2. Privacy Preserved Public Auditing in Cloud Storage System
Reshma B, Dr.Sanjay Srivastava
IJARCST-52-2017-212 17-19
3. Protection of Cloud Users Work Environment Using Trsuted Platform Module
Loubna Dali, Raymond Tiwang, Hoda Elsayed
IJARCST-52-2017-213 20-24
4. An Analysis on Descriptive Data Mining For Finding The Prediction of Measure Actual Customer Behavior Using Big Data
Sushmita Acharya, Manish Sahu
IJARCST-52-2017-214 25-29
5. Analyzing Public Sentiment Variations on Twitter and Facebook
Ashwini Patil, Sanket Thakare
IJARCST-52-2017-215 30-33
6. A Review on Defect Detection of SMT and Through Hole Components in Assembled PCB
Nayana H G, Deepa P, Anitha D B, Dr. Mahesh Rao
IJARCST-52-2017-216 34-38

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